Monday, October 17, 2011

Volunteer Experience

Hello lovely friends!

We're looking for some volunteers to come in and help us out with some EXTREMELY FUN TASKS...well... not really, we have some paper shredding and filing that need to be dealt with. If this sounds like your cup of tea please let us know and we can definitely hook you up!

Just let us know at:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Exhibit opening!

Why hello all you fine Edmontonians!
While the member show has come to an end we have a new exhibition to look forward to!

Exhibitions: July 22 – August 27
Opening reception: Thursday, July 28, 8-10 pm
Artist talk opening night with Immony Men at 7:00 pm

Effections: “We need to talk”
Immony Men
Artist talk with Immony Men: Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 pm

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre presents the video installation work of Montreal based artist, Immony Men.

In this exhibition the artist reconstructs a common domestic space where looping videos depict memories of the past. The viewer is invited to step into this installation as if it were their own space. Through this engagement, Immony Men aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia that the viewer can relate to.

Making War
Todd Tremeer

Tremeer’s work draws upon the traditional genre of history-painting and modern day war toys. In this exhibition he explores the construction and dissemination of historical narrative by creating a show with two major elements; wall based work that he refers to as his “History Paintings” and floor based sculpture consisting of green and khaki “assembled” cardboard troops, called Detachment.

Talks, openings and exhibitions are free to attend
Gallery Hours: M to F 10 – 5pm, Sat. 12 – 4pm.

Pick up artwork!

Hello everyone,

First off we'd quickly like to say thanks to all who submitted works to the membership show this year. It was a great show with lots of variety between pieces.
That said, we must get ready for the next exhibit so pieces must get picked up sooner then later.
Please stop by either today or tomorrow to pick up your stuff!

Thanks a bunch

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello all you parents of young artists!

My name is Brittney Roy and I am the new Art Camps Coordinator at Harcourt House for the summer. There are only a few spots left so if your child is interested in developing the right side of their brain register today! I will be providing a wide range of art techniques that they can put under their artist belts to take with them for the future. These classes are structured to help build your child's confidence, and to open up their minds to so many possibilities of art-making!

I look forward to expanding each artists mind and working to develop what they choose to pursue.
You can contact me by phone or email if you have questions or want to register your child for Art Xpressed at Harcourt House, Monday-Friday (excluding Canada Day) from 10am-5pm.

Thank You.

Brittney Roy
Camps Coordinator

10215-112 St

Edmonton, AB


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

THE STORY EXCHANGE: Saturday, March 12, 2011 1-3pm

Welcome to: THE STORY EXCHANGE on Saturday, March 12, 2011 1-3 pm

The Story Exchange is an informal story circle where people gather to discuss memories and experiences relating to train travel in Canada, perception of space and identity. I will begin by reading excerpts from my blog (as I traveled across Canada via rail) and other excerpts from 'Trains of Recollection: Drawn from 50 Years of Railway Service ' by D.B Hanna. Please feel free to bring your own photographs and/or memorabilia from past travels, even if it is from your morning run to get milk!) My hope is this space will encourage people to tell their stories, and open up into a dialogue that calls attention to our daily movements; bringing the community together.

The Story Exchange is concurrent with the photo-media exhibition: Negotiating Spaces: Visual Recollections of Train travel in Canada by Lindsey Bond, presented by Harcourt House. Bring your Grandpa or daughter or that friendly person at your bus stop. All ages welcome. I will also be setting up a blog for an on-line discussion after the event. Look back to find out more information!

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre
3rd Floor, 10215 112 Street. Edmonton, AB

Friday, February 18, 2011

Exhibition time: Across Canada VIA Rail and an Agricultural Eclipse

Marie-Eve Martel - Agricultural Eclipse
Lindsey Bond (local artist) - Negotiating Spaces: Visual Recollections of Train Travel in Canada
Exhibitions: February 24 – March 26
Opening reception: Thursday, February 24 from 8-10 pm Artist talks opening night: Lindsey Bond at 6:30 pm Marie-Eve Martel at 7:00 pm

This month in the Main Gallery, Harcourt House exhibits the work of Quebec artist, Marie-Eve Martel and in the Front Room, local artist, Lindsey Bond.

Martel presents, Agricultural Eclipse, an exhibition spanning media from low relief sculpture to printmaking. Using the barn as an architectural icon, she looks at the disappearance of these objects within our landscape alongside the proliferation of suburban areas.

In the Front Room, multimedia artist Lindsey Bond presents her new body of work, Negotiating Spaces: Visual Recollections of Train Travel in Canada. Using medium format film, Bond investigates the perception of space in a VIA Rail journey across Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax and Winnipeg to Cambridge she attempts to rekindle the relationship between individuals and the land.

Both artists will present short artist talks prior to the reception. Join as at 6:30 to hear about Bond’s travels by train followed by Martel’s look into “the death of human scale agriculture.”

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did somebody say art classes?

I did. That means it's time to register!

We have a solid lineup of art classes for children, youth and adults as well as a new Saturday illustration class for kids and parents. We also have different classes for different art types. Perhaps you are looking to enhance your technical skills and creativity? Maybe you just want to explore and create. Either way, you are in the right place!

...Well...almost the right place
...first you have to click the link above that says art classes
...then you will have find the class you want to take
...then you will have to register for the class
...get super excited
...go to the studio located in "the Annex building" at 10211-112 St for your first class
...ring the doorbell your teacher
...go into the studio
...then, you are in the right place!

If you have any questions about spring classes or would like a class brochure please give us a shout by phone or e-mail.

To register please call or stop by the gallery.

ph. 780.426.4180 .
e-mail: . address: 3rd floor, 10215-112 st . Edmonton, AB . T5K 1M7