Monday, July 18, 2011

Exhibit opening!

Why hello all you fine Edmontonians!
While the member show has come to an end we have a new exhibition to look forward to!

Exhibitions: July 22 – August 27
Opening reception: Thursday, July 28, 8-10 pm
Artist talk opening night with Immony Men at 7:00 pm

Effections: “We need to talk”
Immony Men
Artist talk with Immony Men: Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 pm

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre presents the video installation work of Montreal based artist, Immony Men.

In this exhibition the artist reconstructs a common domestic space where looping videos depict memories of the past. The viewer is invited to step into this installation as if it were their own space. Through this engagement, Immony Men aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia that the viewer can relate to.

Making War
Todd Tremeer

Tremeer’s work draws upon the traditional genre of history-painting and modern day war toys. In this exhibition he explores the construction and dissemination of historical narrative by creating a show with two major elements; wall based work that he refers to as his “History Paintings” and floor based sculpture consisting of green and khaki “assembled” cardboard troops, called Detachment.

Talks, openings and exhibitions are free to attend
Gallery Hours: M to F 10 – 5pm, Sat. 12 – 4pm.

Pick up artwork!

Hello everyone,

First off we'd quickly like to say thanks to all who submitted works to the membership show this year. It was a great show with lots of variety between pieces.
That said, we must get ready for the next exhibit so pieces must get picked up sooner then later.
Please stop by either today or tomorrow to pick up your stuff!

Thanks a bunch